Margaret Honda

24.05.2017 – 03.06.2017
Opening Wednesday May 24, 6pm

letter to Lucas Quigley, April 18, 2017

Dear Lucas,

I hope everything is fine. Are you in Los Angeles at the moment?

A few changes in the Paris exhibition. I've decided not to screen Wildflowers in the same space. To do so would cause a disjunction in the lighting, and the screening and presence of the projector would invite people to interpret the posters in a more secondary role. Without a screening going on in the same room, I think the posters retain their autonomy and are not presented as a support system for another artwork. You look at the posters for what they are, especially if you haven't seen the films and don't know what they are about.

Because I am eliminating the need for a Wildflowers poster for the exhibition, we can do a horizontal Film Posters poster. I've asked if we can print it Half Grande, which is 80x120cm. The Half Grande is horizontal and used for re-releases, which makes sense in this instance since the new Film Posters poster announces the old posters. I'm waiting to hear back about the dimensions.

Also, there has been a suggestion that we not use logos for Treize, The Cheapest University, and Atelier Impopulaire. Instead, Marco and Pia were wondering how we felt about just printing the names at the bottom in the same typeface. How do you feel about this? I told them that the logos would keep this poster consistent with the others. But perhaps that is not necessary? Perhaps the difference could establish another "form" in case I have future film poster shows? Posters poster without logos and film posters with logos? Let me know what you think. I do think it could look nice to have all text in white Franklin Gothic against black.

One last thing: I received the following email from Marco in response to my request that he print a single sample poster in Paris for comparison with the Los Angeles posters. He said a better solution would be to print a grid at Uprinting with all the color fields that could be sent to Paris (of course, I would do the schlepping and sending). Will this be possible for you to do in the coming week?

I'm going to send a follow-up email to Marco and cc you, so you will be getting it twice.

Again, I have a feeling this is running into more work than is covered by what I've already paid, so please feel free to invoice me for more.

Talk soon.

All best,


Curated by Pia Bolognesi
Coordinated by Marco Caroti and François Lancien-Guilberteau (The Cheapest University)
On May 27th, 2.30pm, Margaret Honda will be presenting her practice and discussing the fundamental elements of her research at the auditorium of Le Carreau Du Temple, Paris.

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The exhibition has been made possible with the help of The European Cultural Foundation and Compagnia di San Paolo.